How far, how
long?  Is forgotten
gone?  Today
can stretch out
ahead and behind towards both
retreat and escape.

Form has no
real boundaries—light
shifts, guarding
waves wielded
in ways we misunderstand
and fail to protect.

Things change when
we try to measure
them—they be
come contained,
finite, solid, orderly–

A shadorma chain for Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above, and Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday words past and present.

Even changing the orientation of an image reconfigures how you see it.

Additional inspiration courtesy of Marcy Erb and Tom Waits.

17 thoughts on “Currents

  1. “…Things change when we try to measure them…” These words leaped out at me! I resonate with this so much. Sometimes I lack the words, I can’t measure my feelings, and get too choked up. That second stanza reminds me of my Buddhist teachings about impermanence. Kerfe, your poetry always touches me. I love your artwork. The colors go with the poem. ❤

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