I ask the Oracle about the wind

Jane and I were discussing the source and destination of the wind this week, and I thought I would consult the Oracle.

Another collage from the archives. I seem to have an endless supply. And yet I always feel like I can never get anything done.

who breathes this wind?

a wild seed growing roots
from tendriled air—

winter deepens the moonforest path
between after and always,
following ancient secrets into spring

Also linking to earthweal open link weekend.

20 thoughts on “I ask the Oracle about the wind

  1. We posted at the same time. I’m glad you asked her about the wind. And it’s a good answer. I didn’t ask anything and the poem was difficult to get (what isn’t these days?). Funnily, it didn’t have any wind in it. After the wind, though, the sky breathes blue.

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  2. I feel like the poem follows the trajectory of the orbs is your collage, uplifting, heading towards brighter times! There was a powerful wind across the mountains this morning, but it no longer carried the bitterness of winter.

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  3. I love this–the opening question and then that last stanza! The art is perfect.
    Again, yours, mine, and Jane’s all go together. I had an implied wind, and the blue sky breath that Jane has.


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