Creation Story

Let there be lines, he said.  Let there be vectors, plots and graphs.  He skipped pebbles over the pool of his mind as he devised a plan made up completely of endings.

Let there be angles troubled by twists and turns.  Let forward and backward be arbitrary, just a dubious arrangement of flotsam and blitz.  Let there be clues and traces, but no solution.

Let shapes enter forms that echo shadows cast by ladders to nowhere.  Let uncertaintly be vexed by avoidance and puzzled by what arrives after.  Let eons come before next.

Let all the signs hint at comprehension while remaining unspelled.  Not either/or but henceforth.  And inasmuch as.

this world
without a prayer

Brendan at earthweal has asked us to describe the unsayable nature of the pandemic we are still fighting our way through.

33 thoughts on “Creation Story

    1. I like the idea of a labyrinth better, though it’s probably closer to a maze. Or maybe it’s just a lot of labyrinths superimposed on top of each other.


        1. Technically speaking, a labyrinth only has one way into the center and the same way out again, while a maze has paths that go nowhere. But in reality they are used interchangeably.


  1. I agree with Jane. But “he” is giving the directions for the directionless in a plan made entirely of endings, and everyone clueless. The ladders to nowhere make me think of Escher. When I look at the center of the collage, it looks 3D. I hope the Minotaur is not at the center.

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  2. I agree with Jane about the directionless/multi-directional quality of your haibun, Kerfe, and with Lisa about the paradox. And the collage is gorgeous. He should have tried a more circular form, watched the rings in the pool of his mind. Your haiku is spot-on!

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  3. I like how you depict this world, so full of paradox. Contradictions abound and we must weave our way through them to find the truth.
    Your complements the poem perfectly. Love it.

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  4. Some Creator, this mad Daedalus. What did Norman O. Brown call it in 1960 — mind at the end of its tether, a leash into a hurricane. ‘Twas the nature of COVID planning under our last president, and its the laocoon of creation for its own sake or the mind of a mad creator. Maybe? – Brendan

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