fractals (part 2)

the geography of water
parallels and reconfigures
the complexity of the heart–
light, a fissured mirror, reflects
memories in recurrent waves–
the complexity of the heart
parallels and reconfigures
the geography of water


For Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday poet’s choice this week I’ve written an octo poem which is a revision of a poem I published four years ago for Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, spring, above. You can see the original post here (a shadorma, of course). What’s interesting to me is how wildly different my painting is from the photo.

Also, though I like the way this painting looks, I never followed up and did any more with the idea. I need my gouache which is in storage, but it’s got me thinking. Perhaps to be continued.

Fractals can’t be measured in traditional ways. And so it is with springs, memories, and hearts.

24 thoughts on “fractals (part 2)

  1. The painting works perfectly for the silver spring. Between the dappled light of a hot summer’s day and the life we found there… a tiny shrew launching itself in sheer joy into the water (you could virtually hear it shout “wheeee!” as it jumped) there is no separating any of the elements of life from each other.

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  2. Your painting is what it looks like up close, until a microscope. I like how these 2 middle verses connect the top and bottom verses:
    “light, a fissured mirror, reflects
    memories in recurrent waves–”
    not easy to measure you’re so right, those rippling waves in the mirror

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  3. I really like this, and I picked out the same lines that Lisa did. You words convey what you said about springs, memories, and hearts. I love the art–the fractals and all the movement, as well as those colors. They look like they’re moving and forming new combinations.

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    1. Thanks Merril. I’ve been having an urge to move beyond the watercolors I’ve been painting for the past few years. Hopefully I can get my gouache and acrylic paint out of storage this year and explore what that means.

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  4. I’m enthralled with fractals and their movements. The fractals in your artwork are a metaphor for the blue spring. Like the others, my favorite lines: “…light, a fissured mirror, reflects
    memories in recurrent waves–” the ebb and flow of memories… excellent. ❤

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  5. ‘the geography of water
    parallels and reconfigures
    the complexity of the heart’
    I’m enchanted by the idea of fractals, that they just keep breaking apart into greater levels of complexity: so much like the heart. I love your painting too!

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