the great beyond

I consulted the Oracle this morning while thinking about Colleen’s #TankaTuesday theme chosen by Merril, immortality. I was surprised when I went to post it how it follows the Oracle’s message from last week–beyond to the great beyond. Although I am consumed, one might even say overwhelmed, by my moving tasks, as long as my computer is still assembled I will continue speaking with the Oracle on Saturdays.

black as death
we say—but what lies
like wind like
skyshadow singing through blue
lightdreams and still seas?

the rhythm dancing
dazzled with
embrace the open window–
vast secrets flying

27 thoughts on “the great beyond

  1. We have similar images. I had the black and the blue too, but chopped them out because they didn’t quite fit with the rest, and obviously because you needed them!

    I sympathise with the moving. There are few things more stressful. Keeping a link to the Oracle sounds like a good idea.

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      1. I know, same here. I left my last student flat in London to go to Paris with a hold all. Everything else I abandoned. I have a husband who collects all kinds os useless things. One of the most useless is the stalk that’s left when you’ve used all the garlic from a head. We laugh about it, but we still save them. We have hundreds—we eat a lot of garlic.

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  2. We have similar messages. (The Three Witches on the first day of spring.)
    I particularly like: “skyshadow singing through blue
    lightdreams and still seas?”

    I didn’t know you were moving. Good luck with that!!

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  3. Kerfe, the oracle whispers to you… “…remember the rhythm dancing, dazzled with starsisters–embrace the open window–vast secrets flying…” I love the imagery of the star sisters and Pleiades immediately came to mind. There is so much meaning in your words. Love it! ❤

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      1. I always dread but in the end we know exactly what it entails coz we’ve done it so often … doesn’t make it any easier and I’ve burnt too many asking for help. So I do pray you find your forever home soon … I have and I don’t want to go anywhere 🙂

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    1. Thanks David. Just 15 blocks away. My last 2 moves I knew were temporary, but I’m hoping this one will last for awhile. Most of my things have been in storage for the past 2 years, so I have to deal with that as well–there’s definitely not room for all of it.

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