Saying Grace (for Sue Vincent)

Not a body or voice–
something is listening,
filling me with prescience,
nourishment, shelter, rest,
warmth, an embrace.  Time and
space have no horizons.

Who knows what is
or beyond—singing
in parallel time?
And where am I?
I can’t comprehend,

can’t contain this feeling–
it is always spilling
out and then refilling
with gratitude–I just
let silence reflect me,
imprinted on the land

Thanks Sue.

25 thoughts on “Saying Grace (for Sue Vincent)

    1. Thanks Jane. She really became part of the landscape, and everything in it. I could feel the connection, even if I did not always understand her symbolic language.


  1. And where am I?
    I can’t comprehend,

    can’t contain this feeling–

    Yes. This is very real and relatable, Kerfe! Could you please tell me a bit about Sue Vincent and what thoughts she brings up for you?


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    1. I first got to know Sue through her #writephoto prompts–she was a careful and keen observer and her photos always have a touch of magic to them. They were what inspired my watercolor mandalas, which is such an important part of my art-making now. She was also such a bright and generous spirit–welcoming and encouraging everyone’s writing attempts, and with them, our attempts to make sense of the world (isn’t that what we’re all doing with our writing?). She faced her illness, as she did everything, with humor and grace, neither hiding her bouts of anger and frustration, nor giving in to them. She really knew the land and its inhabitants, and if I did not always understand the symbolic connections she made, I could feel the reciprocity that made her intuition about people, animals, places, and things so powerful. I will miss her voice, vision, and spirit.

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