breathing the bones

(at the heart)

may every
tree spread its roots interlocking
together to create a vast
bird-adorned canopy
meeting in
the intersected threads
cast by branches and
leaves    maple ginko
oak beech linden willow pine
walk with the wind as they sail
ancient stories of beginning
stillness echoed back

The NaPoWriMo prompt for Day 5 was to find a poem, and then write a new poem that has the shape of the original, and in which every line starts with the first letter of the corresponding line in the original poem. I chose Lucille Clifton’s “blessing the boats”

I was also inspired by an article in the NY Times yesterday about the wonders of the oak tree.

The paintings were inspired by the tree paintings of Joan Mitchell.

26 thoughts on “breathing the bones

        1. No just 15 blocks downtown. Until last year every move I made was further uptown–I thought the Bronx would be next! But in the last year, I’ve moved further back down each move. I haven’t lived in this neighborhood before, but it’s near the Museum of Natural History, which will be a plus when things are back to normal.

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    1. I’ve been missing the oaks of my childhood.

      Joan Mitchell is an American painter, as amazing in her own way as Joni. She was an abstract expressionist, strongly influenced by Van Gogh, though she often also reminds me of Monet. Google her. One of my favorites (as is Joni)

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