rampant grace

“You were once wild here.  Don’t let them tame you.”
–Isadora Duncan

presence, breath,
the mystery of
the body–
here and now,
never once upon a time–
wild eternity

full of what
is—translating and
each step through
the labyrinth that is you–
synchronal, alive

This is a Kick-About prompt (the quote from Isadora Duncan) that I never posted. I had an idea to do collage illustrations, but the photos of Isadora dancing made me want to try to capture them in gestural drawings.

I haven’t used pastels in a long time, but I can see why Degas chose them so often to render his dancers. The body becomes transformed by dance, lighter and more transparent. Otherworldly.

For NaPoWriMo, and also linking to the dVerse prompt from Grace, The Body & Poetry.

42 thoughts on “rampant grace

    1. Thanks Merril. I hadn’t used them in years, they were just sitting in the box with the colored pencils. They definitely call for a different line than pencils do. And I need some fixative–they are messy.

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  1. I love it all but what I love best was the word pairings you used to begin and end each shadorma. presence – eternity and full – alive. The dancers feel birdlike, so light and airy.

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        1. She died in 1927, so there are only still photos which are amazing in themselves. But you can see contemporary interpretations of her dances on film. She really changed the way dancers moved.

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  2. These pastels are so liberating! Dance has always been my favorite weapon against inertia. And the line “never once upon a time” is resonating with me now as I’m reading Carlo Rovelli’s The Order of Time: “If nothing moves, there is no time, because time is nothing but the registering of movement.”

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