close your eyes

I did have the NaPoWriMo prompt in mind today when I visited the Oracle. At least in terms of a song. My things are mostly in boxes, not drawers, at the moment–this is my third move in the last 18 months so it’s all junk now. I was also thinking how much I would like to just take an entire day and do nothing but sleep. Which led me to James and Joni. And the Oracle obliged.

all I want
is to sleep beneath
a still sky–
a shadow
of whispered light on water
moondreaming the wind

16 thoughts on “close your eyes

  1. Pretty color combination. Beautiful shadorma from the Oracle. I call that song a trio, with Sweet Baby James, Miss Joni, and the acoustic guitar. They sound just right on this song!

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  2. Beautiful words, art, and music.
    James and Joni are so young here. It’s like listening to ghosts of the past, but it’s so beautiful.
    We had many of the same words today.
    I hope you get some peaceful sleep, Kerfe.


    1. Thanks Merril. We were so young then too…
      I’m planning on a sleep day soon after the furniture gets moved to the new apartment. Unpacking can wait…it’s going to take awhile anyway.

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