stillness remained
else unearthed, uprooted,
exposed into

A badger’s hexastitch for Colleen’s #TankaTuesday with synonyms for the words provided by Jude: search and lost.

And because I’ve been neglecting the NaPoWriMo prompts recently, a short Skeltonic poem for Day 16.

The sunny day
has gone away–
I want to say
it’s not OK.

It’s been a very showery April so far. Hope that portends a very flowery May.

9 thoughts on “excavations

  1. The first poem–I feel that absence.
    And the second poem–yes. Yesterday, my daughter in western Mass, sent us all a little video from her house with the caption, “This is not acceptable.” It was snowing.
    I feel like April is always crazy though. Last year we had a tornado warning on the day our cat Mickey died–then at the end of the day, the sun came out and it was beautiful.

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    1. I do remember a big snowstorm here in April in the 70s because my boss got stuck on the expressway and had to abandon his car. We tend to forget these things if we don’t have something to attach them to.

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