My New Window

My new window looks at rooftops architecture trees
and sky.  My new window opens to the continuous city
work of maintenance and construction going from here
to there and back again the voices of cars and dogs
and humans and birds.  My new window is busy.

After dark my new window sparkles with other windows
imprinted on dark silhouettes.  The night sky changes
color and texture from hour to hour and the full moon
wakes me as it shines its reflected secrets into
my dreaming eyes.  My new window is aware.

The NaPoWriMo prompt for today is to write about what you see through a particular window. This one is in the bedroom of my new apartment. I’m so happy I have such a good view of the moon, which has woken me up every clear night for the past week.

26 thoughts on “My New Window

  1. Ohh, how marvellous! A busy and aware window, just right for inspiration which is clearly present already. In particular I love the red pointy façade and that red structure on the roof. Just please tell me which tune you added, it is not allowed in Italy.

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    1. Thanks Manja. It was James Taylor singing “Up on the Roof”. I don’t understand these video restrictions–I get them often too.

      There is some interesting architecture. I should photo the doors of those houses for you. I will try to remember. I live in a 9 floor brick box, but the townhouses around here are all landmarked, so they can’t be sold to developers and knocked down.

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        1. I’ll be posting on both. Nina has been posting once or twice a week on memadtwo, so I’ll probably do the same. If I manage to do more than two posts in a week, I’ll put the overflow on kblog. Birds always go on memadtwo, and monthly grid.

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  2. It sounds like you’re very happy with your new apartment and windows. Great news!
    Seeing the moon through the window reminds me of a time at my mom’s when I saw it through hers. She lived on the 17th floor–and it looked like we were level with it.

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    1. That must have been amazing. I’m on the 8th floor in a 9 floor building. Having lived in several buildings with perpetually broken elevators, that’s about as high as I’m willing to go.

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      1. I don’t blame you. My husband and I did take the stairs sometimes because at times there was such a wait for the elevators, or one was broken, but most of the residents would not have been able to.

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    1. Thanks Jane. After too many dark apartments, I knew I needed an open view. And those townhouses are landmarked, so no one will ever knock them down and build a big glass building. My building has 9 floors, and I’m on the 8th.


        1. Thanks. It’s bound to break down every once in awhile. But there’s a police precinct down the block, so the junkies hang out elsewhere. (K)


  3. Nice to be able to see the view from your new place. I’m glad there are trees to see and a friendly moon to keep you company at night. You know I’d love to see you paint either one of these shots or create a collage of them.

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    1. I can see lots of roof set ups, some quite elaborate, from a few of my windows. One guy has a punching bag and exercises on the roof. Full of himself–amusing but not appealing. I haven’t seen anyone else yet though.

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