The Song of Love 1 and 2

1 Here

a handless glove, a stone
visage.  A blue orb
planted with life.  Dust
seeds blown by
cosmic winds.

Look backward to see
the future.  Ruins
of visions.  Monumental
doors to nowhere.
The detritus of humanity.
Is this all
that we wish
to leave behind?

Canto d amore - Song of love - Giorgio De Chirico - 1914

The Kick-About prompt for this week is de Chirico’s enigmatic painting “The Song of Love”, above. The collage I did evolved from a lot of other ideas, merging with Merril’s quadrille prompt at dVerse to use the word seed, and Brendan’s prompt at earthweal to write Songs of the Earth Shaman.

2  A Meditation or Maybe a Prayer

for those who ask and those
who don’t answer.  For those
who always make way and those
who have never been found.
For what we know and refuse
to acknowledge.  For what
stands in the center of what
we think we believe.  For what
remains when faith has fallen
apart.  For the times that we
begin again and the times
that seem to have no ending.
For what we hold against
others and what we keep
to ourselves.  For the impossible
and the improbable and all
the borders we draw to keep
from finding out.

Listen.  I am
waiting for you
to come home.

I needed to consider this seemingly unsolvable riddle that is human life on earth from more than one side.

38 thoughts on “The Song of Love 1 and 2

  1. I do like these two poems. The first one has an Ozymandias feel to it, and in my book, that’s good. The second is just plain beautiful. A prayer broader and more inclusive than any I know.


  2. A stunning poem and collage combination, Kerfe, and I love the approach from different perspectives, the contrast between the ‘blue orb planted with life’ and the ‘look backward to see the future’, with its ‘ruins of visions’ and ‘detritus of humanity’. The mediation/prayer is mesmeric, with a hopeful ending.

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  3. I remember my eldest sister, four years older than me, repeatedly quoting a line from the Grass Roots’ song, ‘Live for Today’ (and don’t worry about tomorrow, yeah…). I don’t know how old she was, but I do know I was pretty young and it made an impression on me. I wonder when we stopped considering future generations or a future (of the planet) at all. Of course all we have any power over is our choice in each moment. But I don’t think we’re meant to ignore the seven generations that Native Americans so often refer to. 🙏🌏🍃

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  4. The conviction that humanity isn’t going to fix its Earth problem is an unshakable conclusion in the first part — something it is difficult not to conceive — with the door that is closing making the conclusions of the second part ever more distant. Well done – Brendan

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