What is it good for? (#10)

war 4s

The same foolishness
everywhere.  We talk over
each other, repeat
words until they are erased.
The lines become solid form.

We can’t see either
forest or trees.  We respond
without listening.
The same actions, recast,
broken up, taken down.  Angry

outlines drawn like guns.
Hanging over cliffs, waiting.
Holding on, out, back.
We banish heart, soul.  Burning
every single bridge.  Drowning.

war 5 pieces 2 comp

Early in my blogging life, on memadtwo, I did a series of paintings titled what is it good for? Then I did some embroideries titled war is not healthy (for children and other living things). Unfortunately, it’s (always) (still) relevant. Even in my city (mostly) young men are killing and being killed every day by gang and turf wars that are little more than macho posturing. And of course, as in every war, civilians are merely collateral damage.

in which endings are both lost and multiplied close up s

Three linked tankas for Colleen’s #TankaTuesday with synonyms for life and move.

absolutely nothing s

31 thoughts on “What is it good for? (#10)

  1. Really emotive, top image for your theme, Kerfe. Such crazy violence that is never-ending on your American streets and re-occurring now in Israel as the world watches with grave concern. 😦

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    1. Your poem captures the futility of it all, from top to bottom. Inequality, financial and otherwise, is the root of this evil And all the politicians do is talk outta both sides of their mouths.


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  2. Hard not to think along these lines. If it’s not an entire country blowing itself up, it’s the city streets, the gangs of self-righteous young men. Even the dealers with their assault rifles have no choice. They’re driven to criminality because of unemployment. That’s their story anyway.

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    1. It’s so hard to isolate the exact causes. People are angry, discontented. They feel victimized, unseen, unheard. When there are so few that have so much and so many that have so little–that’s not a formula for peace.

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  3. I watched, “Cartel Land” last night and it was so depressing, the circular nature of it. I think so much violence comes about from poverty. People without options turn to drugs or violence. The two go hand in hand. The innocent always suffer, you’re right.

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    1. The deep divide between the haves and have-nots is certainly a contributing factor. But the fact is, it’s a very small percentage of the population that is prone to extreme violence. The problem is, they take whole neighborhoods and populations down with them. And then it feeds on itself. Perhaps that’s also true of nations at war as well. It’s a whirlwind that becomes a death spiral. How do you get out?

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