It’s a robin, I think, as the melody enters my consciousness through the window.  But then it morphs into a litany of birds from cardinal to crow.  There may even have been a frog thrown in for good measure.

I can’t locate the bird to see who is gifting me with its repertoire of local wildlife sounds.  It could be a starling—I once lived in an apartment where the local starlings would sit on the roof railing next door every morning and tell me all they knew.  But there are also plenty of both mockingbirds and catbirds hanging around.

city fades
a sanctuary
feathered skies

A meditation on sanctuary for earthweal. Also linking to dVerse OLN, hosted by MsJadeLi.

38 thoughts on “Oasis

    1. Last year I saw a lot of mockingbirds, but the catbirds are showing up more often this year. And starlings are always well represented. I’m going to keep looking for the singer, who shows up every morning. I saw a crow and a catbird harassing each other vocally on a roof nearby the other day. I’ve never seen that before. Almost like they were having a competition.

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  1. Winged buffers for you as they are sheltered in the city. I don’t often think about city as being part of an ecosystem but you have me thinking about it now.
    I smiled at the stray frog in there. Sometimes they are the loudest voices of all!
    Great image to go with the flocking, Kerfe.

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    1. I know some bird calls, but not all. An app would be helpful, because when I come home and go online, I can’t remember exactly what I heard most of the time. My daughters and I also argue constantly about what bird we thought we saw–we’re not usually close enough to tell.

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