dear moon

The prompt for the Kick-About this week is a quote from Murakami’s novel IQ84 where Aomame talks to a cold and silent moon. No one could unlock the heart of the moon, she thinks. She asks the moon some questions: The moon did not answer. But maybe she is only projecting onto the moon a reflection of herself.

keeping her motives
to herself, she likes to move
beyond the in between

going where after is before
all over again

I’m always photographing the moon. I decided to go through my archives and make some postcards from some of my pictures. The results proved to me, once again, that if you take enough photos, some are bound to look good.

I then consulted with the collage box Oracle. The Oracle knows the moon well.

what time is it inside
your dreams?  step through, not around–
inside the journey
is your destination–
no other place but right now

I didn’t plan it that way, but the sequence of photographic messages from the Oracle were easily constructed into a series of Japanese-style poems.

flow into the light
by exploring the patterns
of the universe

You can’t just ask questions; you also need to keep listening for the reply.

13 thoughts on “dear moon

  1. Ohh yes yes yes! Keep listening! Sometimes there are answers even without questions. And you’re right: the bigger the selection, the more candidates for looking good. I love all the postcards but one photo is especially stunning. Looks like taken from the universe. 😮 (“Inside the journey is your destination.”)

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    1. Thanks Manja. That photo was a lunar eclipse. I remember where I was living, and my younger daughter was still at home, so it must have been 2018 or 2019. We went out on the street to see it. I took lots of photos, but this one was the only one that showed so much color and texture.

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    1. Thanks Jane. It takes a long time before the right words emerge from the collage box. But I enjoy the process of rearranging them until I figure out what the Oracle means to say. It’s like a conversation in a way.


  2. absolutely love this collection, the pics and the words of wisdom … until we can still our minds and hearts we are too busy to hear the answers!


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