world weary

you drift along,
along and along,
without wind or sea–
can you see
yourself moving?  or is
everything drifting?  is
it all doldrums,
your mind sailing on doldrums,
on emptiness, what is
no longer there—was
anything ever there?

you long to immerse
yourself, to immerse
your body in the sea,
the primal waters of the sea–
to float and forget, to
dive and immerse
yourself in life’s womb, to
close your eyes, to
shrink, becoming
a stone waiting to
be cast and skipped rippling
back to where you belong—

where do you belong?

you drift along…

Laura at dVerse has us repeating ourselves. Not difficult for me, as my mind likes to travel back and forth and revisit what it has already said before.

oyster shell 4s

My images are also recycled.

28 thoughts on “world weary

    1. Thanks David. I can’t get away from the circles, at least not for long.
      And I think we all feel this way at times, especially given the rapid pace of our world.


  1. The doldrums. It has become a word that means boredom, misery, feeling low. I like how you take its original meaning and let us drift in it, stuck, whether we like it or not.


  2. The poem has a tidal ebb and flow, very like waves going up and down. And I love the little drawing at the end. The lights coming through the crayon strokes. Looks a little like a boat, reminds me of Redon’s Barque Mystique.


  3. This is very compelling, Kerfe. I am sorry I fell so behind with reading your lovely blog. Michael has been sick again and we have been rushing up and down to the hospital. It is very exhausting and time consuming.


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