always digging deeper–
roots that grow below, restore–
listening through decay beyond stillness,

a place that is neither
dark nor light, yet full, aware,
gathered germinating into witness,

distilled light casting words
that linger as counterpart–
revealing mysteries in all that is

held on the wings of birds,
circulated through the heart,
absorbed into the spiraling axis

It’s poet’s choice of form at Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday, and how could I resist a syllabic form called “kerf”? I meant this also to be for the earthweal challenge this week, earthcraft, but obviously did not finish it in time.

Once again, art from the archives.

42 thoughts on “composted

  1. First, I love how you wove that thread in such a gorgeous and precise way, Kerfe. Second, I cannot believe you found a form called ‘Kerf’. That’s crazy… Now I want a form called ‘Davi’! 😀


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    1. Thanks Merril. It was strange to find a form with that name. I’m always surprised by what is in my art archives. It’s a good thing I don’t try to duplicate past work, because I don’t think I could.

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  2. Enjoyed the opening lines as we must always try to dig deeper. I thought of a tree and your photo was representative of the rings of life in that tree that grows deeper in thought. Life is filled with circular motions. Interesting form.

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  3. Yes, dig deeper, throw roots, hurl up — and composting is all, allowing dark to become light again. The images are compelling –a spiral order imposed upon World which is. – Brendan

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