shadow work

arise to witching hour,
the moon eclipsing the sun–
in afterlight crow echoes his own call

gathered clouds, a bower
of reflected light returned,
unwrapping into daylight from its pall

orbits overlapping,
crossing time as well as space–
a hush that parallels the day’s forestall

twin umbras pause, passing–
opposites in brief embrace–
Aurora wakes, released to fly withal

Another kerf poem, for Colleen’s #TankaTuesday, where Gwen Plano has provided the words Dawn & Twilight. My apartment doesn’t face east at all, but the eclipsed sunrise felt very different yesterday, veiled and stilled, and the crows had a lot to say about it.

Another collage from the archives.

29 thoughts on “shadow work

  1. I didn’t realise there was a solar eclipse where you are. Both art and image most appropriate. I love the idea of how ‘twin umbras pause, passing.’ 🌝


    1. Well the moon is still there, even if we can’t see it because it’s all in shadow. I like the idea of a shadow of a shadow covering the sun. The crows let everyone know that something strange was going on. But it’s hard to keep them quiet under any circumstances.

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  2. I really like this kerf, Kerfe. (Sorry, I had to.) I has everything I love–time, space, moon, light, crows. . .
    I couldn’t see the eclipse because it was blocked by trees and houses, but as you said, the crows did have a lot to say about it here, too.

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  3. Kerfe, I *just* came inside from working on digging the hole for the larch tree — I’m planting it near the ginkgo — and the crows were pitching a fit and I wondered why. Now I know! :::Twilight Zone chills:::

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