22 thoughts on “abounding

  1. Beautiful words and art! Of course, she knows.
    I had to look up starling sounds. I didn’t realize they sang so many. I know we have them about, but I’m pretty sure I’m hearing a mockingbird right now.

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    1. Thanks Merril. This one has quite a repertoire, and I finally located him singing on a nearby roof. The birds are unusually full of music this morning, all of them. It’s a good way to wake.

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    1. They are. The street birds here are sparrows, pigeons and starlings. And in the park walkways, robins. The others make you work harder to see them, though they are easy enough to hear. Of course crow is everywhere.


      1. We hear dozens of birds, but only see the ones that come close to the house. Most prefer to stay away from people. There are great tits nesting under the eaves and redstarts in the barn, but they treat it like their pile of stones.

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      1. absolutely … I got quite upset one day when I read a bumper sticker saying “No Birds”, it’s apparently the name of a car hire business .. Nobody should hire from them until they change their name!

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