path of souls

I just learned last night of the death in November of Sharon Mann, a wonderful artist and bright spirit, who was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2019.

You can find her magical art and words here.

black dreams beat away sleep
with raw beauty beyond recall

what language uses shadows

to whisper why to ask
the moonlight to show who

sings the lost wind soaring
through the still blue time
of aftering

22 thoughts on “path of souls

  1. Oh, you’re right–ours are so similar, even though about different emotions.
    I had a first one that I didn’t post that was more about grief and loss that also used some of the same words. So strange!

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    1. Sometimes the Oracle makes us work. This came right away, as I was still feeling the dreams whose details I couldn’t catch. The sadness will linger awhile.


  2. such a vivid first line, K.

    Condolences on your and the planet’s loss of a bright spirit.

    Your collage looks like a cosmic fish. I can see her now as she:
    “sings the lost wind soaring
    through the still blue time
    of aftering”

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  3. yesterday I picked up a young hitchhiker and gave him a lift for 50 miles up the coast from Santa Cruz to Pacifica. We talked of many things – one of which was creativity, and artists. He said time is an illusion – and he might be right. I replied that, maybe so – but the moment of creation, and the lives of creators, cause me to think that for some, time is how creativity continues to express itself, again and again, in a wondrous fount of homage to the original creation. but then, as I edge closer to the end of my own time, I have come to accept that I know very little ~

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