If I approach before, must I retreat after?  The mirror is always turning.  The reflection reverts, echos, remembers, forgets.  Meets itself, coming and going.  Centered, stilled.

on the cusp
earth bows to the sun

Perhaps the sudden and expanded silence is what heals, releases the mind from meaning.  Can words ever really stand in for what they are not?

Without time, I can relocate who I am.  I reach for next, but I don’t understand until later how very far it is from now.

the circle dances
into fire

Frank at dVerse has us thinking about the Solstice.

And my title has me thinking about Joni.

More art from the archives.

32 thoughts on “Midway

  1. You’ve introduced me to a new word … “widdershins”. I sometimes feel at widdershins with the rest of the world….I just didn’t know what to call it!

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  2. Being born on the solstice, and the cusp between Gemini and Cancer, I am all about this particular widdershins experience. ^_^ Love this one. And the choice of songs!


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