raw night

The moon in her current path shines across my bed at about 2 am. She makes sure I acknowledge her gift.

And of course the moon and the Oracle are old friends…

beneath the shadow
of my dream
language sleeps
in a forest of wind

the moon sings me
into its lightship
soaring on mad tongues
without a whisper of why

19 thoughts on “raw night

  1. Beautiful Kerfe. Reminds me of hazy thoughts just before drifting off to sleep that always seem so profound but are hard to articulate without sounding nonsensical. It’s like you made sense of it. Magic powers! I’m looking forwardto studying ‘poetry and performance’ next semester so I can br like you when I grow up ❤


  2. That’s so nice of you to say Mek. The time between sleeping and waking is as much a mystery to me as dreaming. (OK, being awake is pretty much a mystery to me too.)
    I have never even done a poetry reading, let alone a performance. But I admire all the many ways poetry is being presented these days. There are so many ways to combine words with other things.

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  3. Oh, I love this one! You’re right that we both have moon song. I love this description of between being awake and asleep when it seems anything could happen.
    Something about the summer sky–I haven’t seen the moon recently–but I know she’s there, and still hear her humming.

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    1. Jane and I have discussed how the moon changes her path seemingly both suddenly and unexpectedly. I’m sure you could do the math, but as an experience, where and when the moon appears is always a surprise to me.

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