Dreaming is Free (Reprise)

I recently took the collage above out of the storage room and hung it in my new apartment. It’s based on a painting, Freedom, by Ilya Repin, that Jane Dougherty used back when she was doing writing prompts, and that both she and Merril have returned to numerous times. I liked it so much I did two collages based on it.


I didn’t start out with this idea at all, but as soon as the Oracle pointed to ferocious dancing in the wordlist the entire poem began to reference Repin’s painting. It’s a wonderful painting, full of beautiful messages.

I’m quite sure she isn’t finished sending me back to it either.


laughter’s breath
kisses like star-sky

here is a rhythm
to embrace

ask the ocean
for the secrets of sailing

surrounded by voices
that dazzle open magic
windows of ferocious dancing
into a universe
without time

You can see the original posts for each of my above collages here and here.

24 thoughts on “Dreaming is Free (Reprise)

  1. Embracing the eternal rhythms of the universe and sea. Beautiful.
    Your collages are like iterations of the painting in different eras.
    Once again, yours, mine, and Jane’s poems are all connected.

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  2. Cool collages based on the original artwork which is a lovely whirlwind of water and dancing. I can see where you could draw inspiration from all of them in words as well.

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              1. I see a new list in my email folder that hasn’t been opened yet. First thing this morning I hooked the scanner up to my newer computer and scanned 8 of them. I wrote the poems for them yesterday. Am excited about it and can’t wait to start getting postcards 🙂

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