Full was the first word that jumped out at me from the Oracle, but in the end it didn’t fit into what she wanted me to say. But it works as a title I think.

When I’m looking for images to illustrate a poem I search through old posts. I found some of these photos when I searched for trees in memadtwo, from a trip I made to visit my brother and his wife when they were living in Asheville, NC. Like me, he’s moved a lot–after 15 years and 3 cities in North Carolina, they are on their way back to Ohio again. So I probably won’t get back to Asheville.

But the photos and my memories of the landscape fit with the mood of the Oracle.s words today.

when moonspirit walks between

listen like stones in the riverpath

follow deep rootblankets
through dark earth

resting at dawn
quiet beneath birdtendriled
ancient trees

17 thoughts on “fullness

    1. Thanks Ingrid. My sister-in-law and I were so busy looking at things and taking photos that my brother had to come back and see where we were. The rest of the family had long finished the hike! But it was enchanting.

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  1. I’m late getting here to read… but in a way, it worked out best because the oracle’s magic has clearly extended into Tuesday for me. I love your use of the compound nouns. I learn so much from you, Merril, and Jane. What a beautiful spot, Kerfe! ❤

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