space is the place

The Oracle got a makeover from It’s going to take getting used to. I used the new “happiness” category. I can use some, after reading the news this morning.

When I saw the Oracle’s message, I immediately thought of Sun Ra, an artist of living, not just music, that my older brother introduced me to when we were teenagers. “Space is the Place” was a title he used for many different pieces of art.

I had titled these birdling collages from my archives “birdlings in space”. The birdlings make me happy no matter where they are.

where is wonder?
make time for space
alive with possibility–
between comes whispering–
soon surprise will follow

19 thoughts on “space is the place

  1. Those last two lines are intriguing. Surprise following ‘between’. Birds do live in a between place.
    I’m going to have a look at the new Oracle. I still get the old one. Not sure what to make of that, but I’m sure it’s significant.


      1. indeed yes, and when all the excitement subsides a bit I will ask her to write a post about how she did that … might inspire me to do an anthology … maybe we should all put one together but I imagine it’s a huge task with lots of headaches 🙂

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  2. I think Sun Ra (who I love) would very much appreciate your joyful bird-beings. They always lift my spirits and I’ve been in need of that!


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