Another mostly sleepless night. But the Oracle sees beauty in those hours too. And how else would I have seen the sliver of the moon?

And look closely on the right–there’s Saturn too.

who is this self
sailing slowly through the dark

always away

blue with haunted oceans
flying from the ghosts of time

breathless as the dance
of skyholes
lingering in starfire
awakening the open eyes
of this goodnight

15 thoughts on “unrest

  1. I love those deep rich colors and imagining it’s the night sky. Sorry you had “unrest” but glad you discovered redemption in it. Neat photo and cool that you captured the “lingering starfire.” Also really like the line “blue of haunted oceans.”

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  2. I like the night πŸ™‚ – but I have to sleep, sadly. It’s so cool that you noticed Saturn – wow. And seeing those above the bright lights of the city is no small thing, Kerfe!


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    1. I would have preferred to be asleep. But you can’t make it happen. I looked on starfinder to see what that bright planet was, it’s been there for awhile. At the moment, Saturn is the only one visible from my view. And it’s nice that the moon is there too. She keeps her own schedule though.

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