Twenty Years

I had written my own poem earlier in the week, but since the anniversary of 9/11 is on a Saturday, I also consulted the Oracle. We are both feeling the shadows and the ache.

ghosted, these
ruins—shadows left
on this day–
each returning resurrects
the ache of absence

beneath blue skies
death shows up
raining red

the day lives raw
our dreams ache
with rust and blood

language is shadowed
as if love
will never be recalled

music whispers
on the wind
through still light

21 thoughts on “Twenty Years

  1. Thanks Merril. I’m surprised at the depth of this day’s imprint on me, even 20 years later. My older daughter was there–her high school was 2 blocks away–but I think we all felt, and can feel, the way our lives shifted.

    I’m still wending my way through all of my life’s accumulations. I’m making progress, if slow–so many ideas and unrealized and unfinished projects! but I’ll be here in a regular if less intense way while I work towards reducing and organizing my stuff.

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    1. Thanks David, happy to be back, however irregular it may turn out to be.
      I actually think the Oracle is very good with emotional issues–the necessary words jump out in a way your mind might not think of by itself.

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  2. Hello! What a pleasant surprise to see you back. I’m just dipping in now that my vision is starting to clear (sinus infection). The memories will be there as long as there are people to remember, and that blue sky where you can still see the trails of smoke.


    1. Thanks Jane. I hope you will continue to feel better.
      A clear blue autumn sky always reminds me of that day, as does the sound of leaves in the wind. Our bodies have a strong sense memory.
      I’ll be working my way back slowly. There is not enough time for everything and I need to figure out some kind of balance. But I missed everyone.

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      1. I missed your words of wisdom and humanity. They’re rare these days. I don’t know what you’re working back from, but take it easy and we’ll try not to fade away in the meantime.
        I’ve had a horrible sinus infection for the last ten days, but it’s finally getting easier and I can see now.

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  3. Your poem and images bought the reality of 9/11 home to me more than all the TV shows we have on here at present. I read your comment about your daughter being close by. What an intense time that must have been there. Lots of love – Suzanne

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    1. At the time, she didn’t want to talk about it, but both daughters and I had a long discussion this weekend. She said when they felt the first tower fall (she was in the band room on the first floor at the time), they all thought they were going to die. Why they didn’t send the students home after the first plane hit is still a mystery (the rumor is the principal was waiting for the Board of Ed to tell him what to do). The cops came in and told them to evacuate (I can only imagine what they were thinking about the school leadership) after the first tower fell. The entire student body of the elementary school across the street had been walked uptown to a school in the Village immediately.

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      1. Oh no. I think a change of leadership was in order after that at the school. I understand why your daughter hasn’t wanted to talk about it. I was several states away and haven’t wanted to know anything about it or talk about it either. Thank goodness the cops came on the scene and gave direction.

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