goria exposed
by shadows
into borrowed wings eclipsed
by casting out light

11 surrealist women artists take centre stage for the ...

I’m behind a few weeks on posting my contributions to the Kick-About, but this is the most recent, a collage inspired by Sheila Legge’s Phantom of Surrealism, above. Masked in roses, she was photographed in a white dress and gloves, surrounded by pigeons in Trafalgar Square, a performance inspired by a painting by Dali.

Woman with a Head of Roses, 1935. By Salvador DalΓ­ ...

I was drawn to the statuesque quality of the photo, particularly given the location, and I can never resist using birds in a collage.

And of course we all don our own masks–some are just more obvious than others.

19 thoughts on “anomalies

    1. I never notice the creepiness because I do these kinds of collages all the time, but my daughter has often used the very same word to describe my reconstructed figures. And now that you mention it…well, lots of surrealism is creepy.

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      1. what pictures is my question … where would I get pictures from? I don’t buy magazines and ours tend to only have fashion models or cooking recipes, nothing remotely like the details you use πŸ™‚

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        1. I do get lots from magazines, also books I find at booksales which are often only a dollar or two. Junk mail is also a good source. There are still quite a few magazine published that are not fashion magazines here, and you can sometimes find used ones of those as well. We have lots of thrift stores too. ( Of course I’ve been collecting pictures for years.)

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