now, when

what crowns morn
ing what binds begin
ning connects
endings to
portaled timelessness what re
news continues life

if not birds
if not stars if not
dawn if not
rain wind sky
if not fertile earth turning
into trees—what then?

For earthweal, spending some time with trees. My painting is, once again, inspired by Joan Mitchell’s tree paintings which I return to again and again.

26 thoughts on “now, when

  1. Without the tree, the canvas looks like rainbow cosmoplasm. With tree, creation begins. Beautiful poetry, like the way you laid it out on the page with the words disjointed like formless cosmoplasm. I like the texture in the trees and on the canvas. So creative!

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        1. I did order these online, a long time ago, because they had them in metallic colors. But I’ve only tried out the nozzles recently. They’ve closed all the good art supply stores I used to go to. It’s depressing. Not that I would be taking the subway to any of them right now.

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