Poetry Postcard Fest 2021: Pantoum and Moon

I want to spiral with stars,
I want to breathe deeply
of the galaxies–
fly into vast silences

thrown towards the essence
of the galaxies,
the echo of silence–
I want to spiral with stars

For the Poetry Postcard Fest this year, I decided to do all moon postcards from my own photos as I had already done a series of them for one of the Kick-About prompts so I had the beginnings started. Last year I did shadormas for the poems using part of the last line of the previous poem as the first line for the next one.

But this year I decided to do a pantoum, giving me two lines for my next poem. These are the first and the last cards, the beginning and the end of the poem. I enjoyed it, but I don’t think it was as successful poetically, as I kind of got bogged down in the middle by the repetition. Too much of a good thing–41 stanzas is a lot.

Since I made 41 postcards I sent them all–to the 32 people on my list, and the rest I sent to friends. In return I got 25 from people in my Fest group, plus 2 from friends. You can see the ones I received at the top. Last year one postcard arrived in December, so more may show up. Once again I enjoyed the variety in both the postcards and the poems I received. Not to mention finding real mail in the mailbox–that’s always a treat.

I intended to post all the postcards and poems I sent last year for PoPo 2020, but I didn’t get very far. I did do 3 posts with the first 6 cards–you can see them here:

They may still get posted at some point…and also more of this year’s moon cards. You can never have too much of either the moon or pantoums.

You can read about the Poetry Postcard Fest, and register for 2022, here.

Also linking to dVerse Open Link Night, where Lisa (who also participated in the Postcard Fest and made and sent me one of her beautiful postcards) is hosting.

36 thoughts on “Poetry Postcard Fest 2021: Pantoum and Moon

      1. ha I travelled heaps backpacked and camped in more than 30 countries when I was 21-22yo, sent loads of postcards imagining they were like my diary … so many got tossed out! Even the stamps would be unique as many of those countries no longer exist šŸ˜¦

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  1. Kerfe, very neat to see the postcards you got (and see mine in there.) You’re right, the moon is always a good topic to create and write to. I enjoyed the artwork as much as the poems, in creating, sending, and receiving. For month of Oct I’m posting 1 postcard and poem I sent each day. I did take a pic of all of the ones I received and posted it on facebook and should post it here at WP also.

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    1. I look forward to it! I too like making and receiving the postcards as much as writing and reading the poems. I’ve been sending postcards to friends for years, but I only recently started making them myself.

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  2. Kerfe,
    It seemed to me you capture that first gasp of feeling when we look out into the night sky, and the thoughts that spin round its vastness, and you do it with a profound simplicity that belies its deftness.

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