autumn wind

The Oracle is in a dreamy mood today. It feels very much like my dreams last night–I journeyed with some children through a series of untamed landscapes. The details are hazy, but the atmosphere lingers.

be ocean’s naked desire
born flying with fish
like no one’s fool    sailing
over night    dancing
the dazzled morning open
like a newborn eye
listening to time’s rhythm
devouring each breath

22 thoughts on “autumn wind

  1. With the dream and the naked flying over the ocean I think of genesis, rebirth. I wonder if it is us or our home being reborn. Whatever’s happening, it has a regenerative feel to it. Beautiful colors in your art. Those drops of red really set it off.

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  2. I hiked at Frog Pond today, but though the pond was bone dry, we did see a little Pacific frog nestled on a leaf. Then I walked the shore, where snowy plover skittered, a flock of seagulls rested (without song), and 4 porpoise (I think) slowly swam north, just outside the surfline. And all of it, was your closing couplet. ~

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