The music of birds gathers
in the minglings of sky and trees.

Voices weave separate paths that cross
each other and echo into themselves.

Who arranges the sequences
into song, the patterns into stories?

Who maps the contingent journey
of roots and branches?

Who casts the landscape into wings
that lift spirit into light?

I’ve been wanting to try a cadralor, and Bjorn at dVerse gave me a push by suggesting the form in his prompt. I’ve also been worrying a poem for earthweal, where Sherry asked us to look for “moments of collateral beauty“. Having a specific form to work with helped me to organize my thoughts.

I know: birds again. Yes.

The stitching was inspired by the art of Joan Mitchell, as was all the art I did for NaPoWriMo 18. It seems a lifetime ago now.

48 thoughts on “Confluence

  1. The stitching, like grains of rice… ❤️ And “who” is the closest language we’ll ever get to that of the birds who’ll snatch them up.

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  2. I was feeling a little gloomy this morning. Your lovely poem has cheered me up. Thank you. I will give this form a shot. I did an embroidery course many years ago…stitching is very therapeutic and creative.
    Who indeed ? Not hard to guess is it !

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    1. Thanks Jane. I need to get back to more stitching. I’m still very unfocused and seem to spend all my time doing a little of this and a little of that but not getting much of substance done.


  3. Each stanza is like a koan, with its question that wants us to look under the hood and find an answer. You’ve made your visuals very potent, and I think you do both jobs here perfectly: the form and the concept of beauty that just occurs no matter our circumstance, or perhaps because we have learned to see through our circumstance, .

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