listen to the sound of air–
filling the distance,
tiny continuous hums–
whispers weaving nets,
forming a loose cocoon un
seen, awash, present–
between silences singing–
distilled reflection

Brendan at earthweal this week asks us to “describe an enchanted moment”. Neither words nor images seem adequate for the sound of air, but I attempted it anyway. It doesn’t happen all the time, but sometimes when I meditate everything else fades away and I can hear the air. Most often it sounds like the image above.

But sometimes it has more clarity.

And in rare moments, it takes colors into the layers of movement.

The images were created by taking some of the art from one of my Kick-About responses to a film about light and applying Photoshop filters. I’ll get around to posting the originals at some point.

23 thoughts on “translational

  1. Hearing the air must be wonderful. This reminds me of some scientists who detected a hum, coming from the centre of the earth. I like to think it is Mother Earth singing us her song of love.

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      1. I would have liked that, but they’re trying to get the muscle around the pupil working again, contracting with the light. It’s responding, better than it was, but it’s still not contracting far enough. Apparently it will be up to six months before the inflammation goes down completely.

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  2. As Bennett pointed out, enchantment both found and invoked: we create space for it and it fills us. That’s the attentional net here, this hearing out and into the weave of being? all life? the ground of all sound? All of it. Great images.

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    1. Thanks Merril. The first time I experienced it, I didn’t know what it was–I finally decided it was all the molecules moving in the air. But it could be that Sherry is right–it’s the earth singing.

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  3. It is actually a rare quiet moment in my life as I read this, and I think I hear it too: almost like static or the image you used to see on an un-tuned tv screen! Is it possibly a kind of synesthesia, if you sometimes see in colour?


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