Like the Lines in the Palm of Your Hand

Every question is a riddle–
we are stuck here in the middle–

But still we keep on asking why,
continue waiting, standing by
for guidelines.

Answers just confuse, pretending
somewhere there exists an ending–
a lifeline.

Deceiving with complexity,
embroidering with fantasy–
we’re traplined.

In silence there are many words
unspoken and more clearly heard–

Grace at dVerse introduced us to a new form called Compound Word Verse. Wow! this was hard. But enough revising–at a certain point you need to let it be.

35 thoughts on “Like the Lines in the Palm of Your Hand

  1. You stayed in the in-between and questioning mode, and this flowed nicely. I like the line words you came up with.

    It’s funny, but I was just looking at that hand drawing of yours that I wrote a poem for a while back.

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  2. Ok, uhm, I think this was only difficult for you because you made packed it so full of meaning, Kerfe! You did an amazing job. And your art piece at the beginning really makes me think – where the quarter circles match up with one another and where they don’t…



    1. Thanks David. I like the compound word idea, but it was too much with a syllable count as well as rhymes. Two out if three would have been easier.
      That collage background is based on a quilt pattern called Drunkards Path.


  3. The art and the poetry go hand in hand to express the incomprehensibility of the present moment – is it hysteria to feel helpless or extend a helping/hopeful hand. In the mystery though, there are lifelines. Absolutely love the “sibylline” quality of your verse and art, Kerfe.

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