Political Attire

The mask they wear
repeats the same cliches,
pretending to truth,
embellished with lies–
dismissing the facts
when inconvenient.  The Devil watches,
laughs with them.  He knows their true faces well.

The mask they wear
is glued to their ethos–
virtue corrupted
by perpetual
guile—whatever is
required to keep the reigns of power—a
prayer, a riot, a bargain made in Hell.

A duodora for Lisa’s prompt at dVerse, to discuss something that irritates us in the context of Halloween. I admit this goes well beyond simple irritation.

The paintings are from a series of eight I found when going through my files. They are a bit strange–I can’t remember what inspired me to do them. I was waiting for some poem that would go with them. This works.

33 thoughts on “Political Attire

  1. Kerfe, I love your art pieces, you’re right they fit your duodora perfectly. I’m struck by how the deals with the devil for politicians and their contortions to rule remind me of Kabuki Theater, where the actors have stepped down off of the stage and mingle with the audience. I can hear the Kabuki music in the background when they speak as I read your poem and see the images. Candy corn bonus achieved!

    Thank you again for allowing me to include your duodora in the challenge as an example of the form.

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  2. Only the phony know well the evil ways of misdirection. It must be a strange kind of lonely to be phony — to be unreal, not truly exist? No thank you. Well written Kerfe! Enjoyed the mask art. 👍🏼✌🏼

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    1. Thanks Merril. There is a kabuki feel to rhe paintings. I don’t know much about how the actual theater works though.

      I probably have every emotion from irritation to rage, depending on the situation. Not only at the perpetrators but those who believe them.

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  3. I cannot believe the paintings were not achieved for this specific purpose, they fit so well. And huge pat on the back for the duodora. You managed to couch wisdom and truth in that difficult format. Bravo

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  4. I agree, your subject matter goes beyond the realm of irritation into the realm of the devil, especially when today’s politicians blithely line their pockets while the world burns. The paintings are stunning, and fitting for your subject. Randy Newman made me smile; I thought it was very magnanimous of him not to mention the British Empire of Evil.

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  5. ‘virtue corrupted by perpetual guile’ – sums it up! The artwork is striking, the poses and colours. It would be lovely to see the other pieces … perhaps in some future work?

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  6. Kerfe,
    Your duodora flows so smoothly, hard to do with this form, and assails masks of lies thoroughly. The art complements it beautifully. There are so many turns of phrase that are en pointe, skewering the mask-wearers and their motives deftly. Brilliant writing.

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  7. This one deserves a standing ovation! 💝 I especially resonate with; “The mask they wear repeats the same cliches, pretending to truth, embellished with lies.” Yes!

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