The Oracle was philosophical this morning. Of course she was thinking about the moon, water, music, birds, trees, wind and light.

Night comes like a secret,
the moon breathing ancient air.

If I wander in deep rivers,
will the water teach me its song?

Ask birds how to behold dawn–
covering trees in poetry.

Why not listen to wind
as it seasons winter with clouds?

Who can follow light,
growing always more between?

22 thoughts on “Ruminations

    1. Thanks David. I would never have come up with that on my own, without the magnetic Oracle. It’s the same when I use collage box words. You see ways of saying things that would never occur to you otherwise.

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  1. Beautiful–you and the Oracle both love these questions. Your artwork is so beautiful, too–I love the colors and flow–like sky, water, and light.
    We had many of the same word/images–light, songs, dreams.

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