first light

awakening I
remember myself first in
the company of trees, birds–
rustled churrings sounding
me—chatters suspended in caws

When I read Jane’s wayra this morning, after I had written my own, I knew the Oracle was hovering around.

For dverse, where Grace is hosting.

34 thoughts on “first light

  1. The second line extends the first effortlessly, and gives the poem a turn to that last excellent image. Nature gives us her chatters freely, but she also has claws. Tho here, they are not frightening, just part of life. Or so I read.

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  2. I just sunk in this wayra like onto forest green, slowly awakening to nature, your art capturing that so vividly, Kerfe. And this onomatopoeia phrasing, “rustled churrings sounding/me,” so stunningly unexpected, a communication of life to life. Just wondrous, K.

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  3. First light this time of year is just a lighter shade of gray. Your last line is killer. Crows’ caw seems to dampen, even blot out the songsters.

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      1. Oh thank you! Yes, I hate Facebook. Please don’t worry, I often find it hard to answer comments. I got into a bit of a panic when I found out commenting was hard as was not my intention. WordPress is a tough one…at the moment guess where I am is ok, but am definitely not looking for comments, participating in dverse has just been SO good.

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