to belong
is a feeling–not
words over
heard in pass
ing, but a garment to wear–
it keeps you warm, this

chorus sung
by many voices–
it tells you
how to clear
your self, opening to be
come filled, become found

Sarah at dVerse shared with us once again the paintings of Fay Collins, and asked us to write to what we see in her images. I did not pick any particular landscape, but used the entirety of her work as inspiration for both my words and my watercolor, which reflect her immersion in and love of the earth.

Also linking to earthweal, where Brendan has asked us to praise what matters.

You can see the work of Fay Collins here.

43 thoughts on “kinship

  1. it’s so interesting that you tackled the theme of ‘belonging’, Kerfe… not where I’d expect you to go, based upon past interactions of ours.

    I love that you drew inspiration from her entire body of works.


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    1. Her painting make it clear that she felt a special kinship with these landscapes. She belonged to those places. Just because I don’t feel it myself, doesn’t mean I can’t recognize it.


  2. Belonging like a garment one wears………how wonderful a thought that is. I think many have lost that sense of belonging, of connection, and therein lies some of our problems.

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  3. Kinship, affinity…something we may search a lifetime for and never find…except in nature. Your art captures the same feeling and movement as your poem, and in many was, in its precise colors, the art of Collins as well. A vivid and satisfying take on both challenges.


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