Dear Refugees

We have heard
and noted your cries
for help.  Un
ly our sovereign borders
are currently closed.

We fear that
we must turn away
from any
of drowning, freezing, starving.
They disturb our sleep.

But we are
not completely heart
less.  We will
send you our
Condolences, as well as
our Thoughts and Prayers.

For earthweal, where Sherry, after bringing us up to date on the flooding in her Canadian homeland, asked us to write Verse Letters: a form of address, akin to dramatic monologue, to all parties involved – letters to the lost, perhaps; to those who caused the extinction;  or to those of us who are in the middle.

33 thoughts on “Dear Refugees

  1. I find it disgusting how a boat full of human beings can overturn in the Channel, drowning them all, and our news media refers to them as ‘migrants’ as though they were a social nuisance, and not suffering human beings. We could all be climate refugees soon. Your words resonate.

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  2. A poignant reflection of the robotic thought processes of ALL those who have made themselves leaders over us… carving up the Earth into their own personal thiefdoms… birds… fish… and insects, to name a few, are the only creatures that can rightly call the Whole Earth home… we… the so called higher species on the planet have been reduced to mere serfs to the World Splinterers who rule…

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  3. Borders of nations most at fault for climate change will grow more militant against the influx of climate refugees. The letter as verse address works well for crossing them and letting voices speak. As poets, our job is to tune those voices in and hear them, even if by broadcasting them by broken means (who reads poetry?) is one of the mundane exercises of the century. Your image shrieks wildly.

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    1. Thanks Brendan. Poetry these days seems to be preaching to the converted. It was not always so though. My grandparents, neither of whom went to school beyond 8th grade, loved poetry and could quote it at length.
      As to taking responsibility for the damage we have wrought all over the world…


  4. Words going right to the point, cutting deep. If we don’t want climate refugees we ought to stop provoking climate change. But we won’t. It’s our right to despoil and waste.
    The image is a powerful one too. I see hopeless people but the olive green lines, like a cage, or hands, I can’t make out what it symbolises. Not help and compassion though.

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    1. Thanks Jane. Yes, we should not take their resources, turn their countries into wastelands, and corrupt their governments and then act like it’s not our problem. We are reaping what we have sown.


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