what to my wondering eyes

the night lengthens
into hours that refuse to pass

the stars grow larger,
constellations singing

suddenly a bridge,
a ladder made of light

silence becomes a dance,
its ancient steps retraced

the circle keeps its promise–
a child will lead the way

The latest Kick-About prompt is the above illustration by Arthur Rackham for A Visit From Saint Nicholas.

The night sky needs no man in a red suit, sleigh, or reindeer to inspire wonder.

After visiting the Oracle tomorrow, I’ll be taking a break until 2022. Happy New Year!

35 thoughts on “what to my wondering eyes

  1. I dreamed last night of a boy, maybe 10, short hair, smartly dressed, who asked questions like Couch, or coward? And Does your brother have any brothers, as we sat on a sofa in a busy warehouse.

    I’ll be thinking of this and your final couplet on my hike today~


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