The Oracle knew exactly what she wanted to say this morning.

here are rivers
of dark night
wandering into cold winter rain

no moon lights
the lonely path
between the worlds beneath and above

who but spirit
knows how to
shine us through this deep climb?

31 thoughts on “beclouded

  1. We do need that bright spirit to get us through these dark nights and grey days.
    I was saying how the warm weather we’ve had is nice but disconcerting with the grey clouds on sun low in the sky. It’s definitely damp and dreary here today.

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    1. Paper towels that I use to clean my brushes when I paint. Layered and stitched onto paper. I don’t like to waste anything. I’ve only done a few pieces this way, but I have lots of paper towels saved up. This was my big quarantine art work. The stitching was very soothing.

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  2. I think of all of the thoughts woven between your stitches and I think of spirits leading the way, I imagine the cloth with a soft glow.

    As an aside, I had a vision of sorts in my dream last night. I made sure to write it down while drinking first cuppajoe. Will either be writing or creating a collage to reflect the vision, maybe both. It throws my previous creation foundation belief for a loop.

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    1. All those stitches invoke spirits I think.

      If I’m still offline when you post your vision, send me a link by email…I don’t want to miss it.
      Interestingly, you were in my dream last night. All these people, including my daughters, were baking bread (for some reason I was cleaning the kitchen floor) and outside on the porch was a group of people making music and dancing…among them, you. Much joy. And all the bread was delicious!

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      1. Oh wow, that is such a precious dream to have, surrounded by sustenance and merrymaking, and to taste the bread in the dream. That dream is also a vision don’t you think so? Maybe you cleaning the kitchen was creating a sacred space for it to happen? I will definitely make sure you see my vision when it’s posted.

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