to sail or to swim

The Oracle begins the year for me with questions–not a surprise. My dreams have been vivid of late.

I did a series of these small circle collages for NaPoWriMo 2017. They continue to resonate .

ask the wind if the moon cries
when dreams are lost
in stilled seas

can the sky sing life back
with blue light?

will we be who we are
as time blows the ship of sleep
from here to there?

22 thoughts on “to sail or to swim

  1. The oracle was generous today. There is something at work in “the empty space to fill in” when you have artwork ready to complement her message and Joni’s on standby with her music. Potent ensemble!

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  2. Dreams are so hard to catch at times – slipping like silk through fingers. I think your questions cut to the core of who and what we are – I like to think that song can bring us back to life even when dreams lead us so very far away from where we started…

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  3. Loved your contemplative poem, Kerfe. Very thought provoking, especially the last question. Your art pieces seemed to allow my mind a gentle space to float and play with philosophical questions.

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