sea sky birds

the sea is one song–
a lullaby that changes
tempo and turns into the heart
beating the center
of time itself

skies harmonize–
transitional, painting
beginnings and endings
with refracted light—

clouds weave veils–
remaking themselves,
exchanging threads that
suddenly emerge with
blue clarity

and the birds!—all mystery–
color and music that arrive
when least expected,
to unwrap the world anew,

For earthweal, where Sherry has asked us for poems of gratitude.

40 thoughts on “sea sky birds

    1. Thanks David. I use watercolor paper–I think it’s actually calligraphy paper–made in China, that has a circle centered in a square. Luckily I have some inventory, because it seems to be in short supply these days, along with so much else.

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