Colleen’s #TankaTuesday Ekphrastic prompt, a painting by John Waterhouse, reminded me very much of the paintings Jane Dougherty used to provide for her writing prompts. And so, as I did for those paintings, I created a collage response and consulted the Collage Box Oracle. A badger’s hexastitch was the result.

the rules of time
matter gathers stories
of reimagined light
dreamed into the

Also linking to dVerse OLN.

66 thoughts on “Portents

  1. I love it. But that little phrase that I need to know more about is: “consulted the Collage Box Oracle”. I am very curious to know more of this oracle and how it is employed and how I can get one for myself!!

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  2. Kerfe, your creativity always takes me to infinity and beyond! I love the idea of a collage box!! The collage is like a vision board for your poem. I love these John Waterhouse paintings. I really connect with different artwork and adding a poetic interpretation seems the right thing to do. You’ve outdone yourself this week. ❤

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