Even in the midst of a snowstorm, the Oracle is thinking of the moon.

raw soaring storms sing
the music of wind—we swim
dreaming beyond sleep

we ache for the still shadow
of the black moon whispering

bare beneath sea-sky
all the mother languages
held inside light

16 thoughts on “weathering

  1. something profound in each stanza:
    1) dreaming beyond sleep
    2) umbra and penumbra
    3) universal language of light
    I need to ponder them.
    I see a snowstorm with slush, but I see a rainbow in there as well. The image captures the message of the oracle perfectly.

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    1. This is an old piece of art–definitely watercolor, but the black looks like ink to me. I tend to mix whatever I have around in the colors I want. The paper is Chinese calligraphy paper.


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