The words “to be” immediately jumped out from the Oracle this morning. What does it mean to be? The Oracle has an idea, as always.

to be is
an asking –but all
so sacred–
starbreath of
remembering—wild, awake
with eternity

Images from my responses to Kick-About #42 “Ice Spiral”.

18 thoughts on “spiraling

    1. Thanks Merril. I did a bunch of these paintings and then cut them up and collaged them for the prompt–I was not happy with the result. As I told Jane, I should have let them be, but I did take photos of them first. Sometimes, simple is best…often in fact.


  1. Yes! The paintings are glorious! The first one reminds me of the spindryer on my mother’s twin tub machine when I was little. It was ‘the vortex’—terrifying.
    I haven’t read Merril’s poem yet, but this is very similar to my last stanza. In other words, the essential of what I was trying to say.

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    1. Thanks Jane. I was unsatisfied with my work for that project, but not the spirals that went into it. I should have let them be. Luckily, I took photos first.

      Yes, the essences are the same in all of them.


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