The first part of this one went quickly, but the Oracle made me work for the last 2 lines. Only when I decided to see if I could make the word “illusions” would She let me complete it. “Life is but a dream” or so they say.

sleep whispers
in tongues of blue mist–
as if moons
seadream light
though shadows above still water–
illusions of time

15 thoughts on “almost

    1. This is an old collage, the first of a series where they spun out from the center. I thought of them as levitating over the water in layers. My older daughter often finds my collages creepy, so you’re not the only one.

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  1. Although David thinks the birds creepy, I find this one exciting and wanted to see it bigger so opened up in another window with bigger magnification – I love that they are wearing dresses!! Marvelous!!

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