After the Deluge

The Oracle gave me five lines of a shadorma and multiple endings, all leading in the same direction. There is no resting place right now in the world created (and, increasingly, destroyed) by homo sapiens.

if life clouds
you with lonely whys,
rest between
the roots of
earth, breathing green spiritsong–
follow treepaths–walk
winter into spring–
listen to ancient
stones—wander with wind

20 thoughts on “After the Deluge

  1. Just what I needed to hear right now, in this moment. I’m full of “lonely whys” right now at any and all levels. “Rest between the roots” sounds like a perfect place to be.

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    1. Thanks Phil. Old monoprints. I want to do more, but I can never reproduce anything I’ve done in the past. Still, it might result in something interesting. It’s on the list.


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