The Oracle gave me the first two stanzas of this one right away, but I had to work for the last two. I really wanted to use “secrets” but she was having no part of it. There are too many secrets floating around already.

every after walks through
the long dark between

who can we ask
if always becomes lost?

when will these deep paths of why
grow roots that follow light?

beneath nightsongs of a wandering moon
we listen to nothing—ancient and wild

Another old collage done for one of Sue Vincent’s prompts.

Cohen wrote this song in 1992.

23 thoughts on “shrouded

  1. I think of roots that don’t grow in the dark and I think of hydroponics and water. Then I think of the nature of water, ever-moving. I don’t think molecules of water wonder much about any of that… It’s a sometimes frustrating, beautiful mystery. I love that small figure, walking through the halls of “the long dark between.”

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  2. Oh, I really like this, Kerfe–
    “beneath nightsongs of a wandering moon
    we listen to nothing—ancient and wild”

    And mine was a wish that people would hear those songs. I love the collage, too, it works perfectly.

    We actually went to a concert on Friday night–Judy Collins–and she talked about Leonard Cohen and did a couple of his songs.


    1. Thanks Merril.
      I was telling Lisa when she featured Judy for her women’s music month that she lives nearby, close to a friend of mine who has spoken to her and said she is gracious and warm. I think she has an album of Leonard Cohen songs. I know her one of Sondheim which I love.

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      1. You’re welcome.
        On stage, she is gracious and warm, too–and she also told some jokes. Yes, she’s sung many Leonard Cohen songs and also Sondheim. She has made 55 albums, according to the program. I couldn’t believe that, and she has a new album out of songs she’s written.

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