My ancestors linger in every word I say,
the muted phrases and images that occupy
the dreams in the sequestered corners of my mind,
hesitating between darkness and light of day

My ancestors linger in the prayers left behind,
unexpected melodies, songs upon the wind
opening windows into transformed cloistered spheres,
a fracturing of landscapes, the earth unconfined

My ancestors linger as seas on summer air,
as darkness covering the winter of the year,
as harvests of colors released by autumn’s trees,
as cells that stir when spring awakens, reappears

I wrote this rubaiyat in 2019 for one of Sue Vincent’s photo prompts, above. It’s a year today she is gone. Looking back through all the art and poetry I did in response to her prompts, it’s clearly evident how much her spirit enlarged my work.

In my original post I wrote: I was repeating one of my grandmother’s sayings to myself, which made me think of all the ways I repeat and echo the members of my family. Probably in ways I don’t even realize, and further afield than I will ever understand.

Which flows right into the earthweal prompt, where Brendan has asked us to “write about what we care for and resemble, remembering that everything in the forest is the forest.

27 thoughts on “Ancestors

  1. I spent a week with my sisters and was amazed to hear them speak when the words were those of my mother’s. Seems we all three picked up phrases from my mother, grandmother, even my great grandmother! Our ancestors are echoing in us too…

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  2. What a beautiful tribute to your ancestors and too Sue Vincent. Sue was a shining light. Still
    is really. I thought of her one morning this week then saw on WordPress that afternoon that is a year since she left us.

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  3. “Everything in the forest is the forest.” Wow! 😮 I’m taking this with me. It sounds so… forgiving.

    I love your poem and the fact that you wrote meaningfully to Sue’s prompts. And this is one of my favourite songs.

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  4. I thought I had responded to this…beautiful tribute to Sue, and a lovely awareness of connections that flow through time.
    Like others, I also love the song. I caught a little bit of James Taylor and Carol King on a PBS fundraiser a couple weeks ago.

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    1. Thanks Merril. Sue’s prompts had a way of bringing out the best in both my writing and art. And of course I miss her kind spirit.
      James Taylor and Carole King both still sound great too.

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